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Valveco respects the privacy of all visitors to this web site and does not use this web site to collect any personal data. Valveco does not use ‘cookies’ and therefore does not collect any information concerning, for example, data relating to your visit, your IP address or the browser you used.

However, this web site provides you with the opportunity to respond, for example by requesting a brochure or other information. If you respond via e-mail, we will naturally use some of your details (your name and address or e-mail address) to be able to handle your request. Here too we respect your privacy. The details you give us will be used only to deal with your request. Your personal data will not then be systematically stored and will not be used for further reference or for any other purpose.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact Valveco via sales@valveco.com.


User Terms

These terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") apply to visits to and the use of this web site belonging to Valveco –the valve company- B.V., including all its affiliated legal forms (Valveco), as well as information made available to you on or via this web site ("the Information").

Information and Liability
The information is intended exclusively for general information purposes and is not intended to be established advice. Valveco shall not be liable for any damage that results from the use of (or the inability to use) the web site, including damage caused by viruses or any inaccuracy or incompleteness of the Information, unless the damage is caused by wilfully incorrect maintenance or negligence on the part of Valveco. Valveco shall not be liable for damage caused by the use of electronic communication means, including damage that results from errors or delays in the sending of electronic communication, interception or manipulation of electronic communication by third parties or the use of computer software for electronic communication or the transfer of viruses.

Links to other web sites
This web site contains links to external Internet pages. Valveco shall not be liable for the use or content of Internet pages to which there is a link on this web site or of Internet pages on which there is a link to this web site. Our privacy conditions do not apply to the collection and processing of your personal data on or by these external web sites.

Property rights
Unless otherwise stated, all rights, including copyright and other intellectual property rights, shall be based on the web site and the Information at Valveco –the valve company- B.V. and all its affiliated legal forms.

Visitors may consult the web site and the Information and make copies of this for their own use, for example by printing or saving this. No other use of the web site or of the Information, for example saving or reproducing (part of) the Valveco web site in another Internet page or adding links, hyperlinks or deep links between the Valveco web site and any other Internet pages, is permitted.

Unsolicited information
If you post any unsolicited information and/or other material consisting of text, photos, sound fragments, software, information or anything else (“Materials”) on this web site or send these to Valveco by e-mail or any other method, Valveco shall be entitled to fully and completely copy and/or use these Materials commercially and Valveco shall not be bound by any obligation with regard to these Materials.

Applicable Law
Dutch law shall exclusively apply to these Terms and Conditions.