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Valveco goes North America

Valveco is happy to announce the opening of two new branch offices with stock in New Orleans and Vancouver as of January 2016. “Opening our first offices in the USA and Canada makes one of our dreams a reality”, says Jeff Monroe, branch manager of Valveco USA. Customers who have dealt with Valveco’s main office in the Netherlands or one of the branch offices around the world know that service, knowledge and response time is the company’s common approach.

“Our goal has always been to provide our customers with better service by having premises on location where they need us, whether by supplying vessels coming to port, attending vessels during dry-docking or supplying local repair companies and ship chandlers. It is all about having the correct valves in stock and knowing what to supply”, says Jeff.

Largest amount of shipping
There are several reasons why Valveco chose New Orleans and Vancouver for their first North America locations. The Port of South Louisiana handles the highest shipping tonnage in USA ports. Louisiana Offshore Oil Port is also the single largest point of entry for crude oil coming into the USA. It receives supplies from tankers carrying foreign and domestic crude oil.

Vancouver has the largest port of Canada. Port Metro Vancouver is the third largest port in North America in terms of total tonnage moved in and out of the port. It is home to 27 major marine cargo terminals, three Class 1 railroads, and a full range of facilities and services to the international shipping community.

With the majority of the world’s maritime industry using metric sizing (JIS or DIN standard), Valveco provides the market as a leading supplier with a solid reputation as valve specialists. Valveco will continue such service in New Orleans and Vancouver. According to Joao Justino, branch manager of Valveco Canada, “Our stock will be one of a kind in the USA and Canada and we are proud to offer our customers this service.”

Customer benefits
“For all our customers who are sailing to other major ports in the USA and Canada, it’s important to know both our warehouses are located close to International Airports”, Justino explains. “In addition our relationship with international couriers like FedEx, UPS and road freight carriers ensures a timely and cost efficient quick delivery of all ordered products throughout the USA and Canada. This will also now be an added value for our customers. Because we have stock in both countries, our customers will not have any delays or additional duties due to customs.”

Valveco will not only stock their valves, but will also supply vent heads (also called air pipe heads)made by Winteb, the world’s largest aluminum vent head manufacturer located in Holland. Winteb also has the world’s first seawater resistant vent heads which are approved by all classification societies like LR-DNV, LRS, ABS and Bureau Veritas.

Valveco -the valve company- New Orleans LLC
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Prevent disasters at sea with Winteb air pipe heads

As of January 1, 2016, Valveco is stockholding distributor.

What if you are at sea and one of the air pipe heads is broken or damaged and seawater is leaking into one of the tanks? Winteb air pipe heads prevent this kind of disaster thanks to seawater resistant Aluminum DIN1725. The Dutch producer is the world’s largest when it comes to seawater resistant aluminum air pipe heads and their complete product range is type approved by all major classification societies. In this way Winteb is able to provide customized solutions all over the world. As of January 1, 2016, Valveco is stockholding distributor for Winteb.

Albert van der Velde, owner and director: “Winteb is founded by my grandfather in 1952; the company started as a classical foundry serving the local industry. Nowadays we are serving the maritime industry around the globe. All our products are handcrafted and made in our own Dutch foundry.” Both Winteb and Valveco are Dutch family businesses that met each other while supplying the maritime sector. Albert says, “We decided to work with Valveco, because of their broad coverage with seven branches spread across Europe and two newly opened offices in the United States and Canada. Valveco will take care of the air pipe heads distribution, stock and in addition Valveco serves the replacement market, so we can focus on the new construction market.”

Custom-made flexibility
Producing the air pipe heads in Winteb’s own production facility is a conscious choice made by Albert and team. “In this way I can ensure the quality,” says Albert. “Plus we can respond immediately to custom requests. This flexibility is very important to our customers. Our seawater resistant aluminum air pipe heads make sure, water doesn’t have any chance to enter the tanks. A ball plays a major roll in this innovative construction, because this simple item starts floating as soon as it comes into contact with water. As a result the entrance of the air pipe is cut off and water doesn’t have any chance to enter.” These well-crafted products will not corrode and require no maintenance if fitted according to the producers Fitting Instructions. Winteb’s 10-year warranty on each product is proof of craftmanship.

Please check the product specification page for a complete product range overview.