Measuring SDG Alignment

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Targets and actions per SDG

  • SDG Target 12.4. – Reducing Manufacturing Waste in the Supply Chain
  • SDG Target 12.5. – Establish a Waste Reduction Programme Internally
  • SDG Target 12.6. – Supplier Assessment in Compliance with Legislation
  • SDG Target 13.2. – Comprehensive CO2 Footprint Mapping
  • SDG Target 13.3. – Promotion of Sustainable Transportation
  • SDG Target 13.3. – Flexible Work Policies for Emission Reduction
  • SDG Target 14.1. – Improving Procurement for Plastic Reduction
  • SDG Target 14.1. – Clean-Up Initiatives
  • SDG Target 14.1. – Ocean Acidification Monitoring
  • SDG Target 3.9. – Promote Occupational Safety for Suppliers
  • SDG Target 3.4. – Integrating HR insights + Mental Well-being Programme
  • SDG Target 3.4. – Employee Well-being Incentives (Sports Subscriptions)

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