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Let’s do GOODS

Let’s do GOODS commissions artists with life experience (homelessness, psychiatry, addiction) to design socks. Socks with a story. Furthermore, for every pair of socks they sell, they also produce a pair of donation socks in their social sock factory.

Let’s do GOODS cooperates with Salvation Army participants in a sustainable and social way. These socks warm the feet of the poorest of the poor. More importantly, every pair of socks given away is a moment of attention, the start of a conversation, of help or friendship.

In other words, making the world a little nicer with socks. That is where Valveco would like to lend a hand. We had a big pile of Valveco socks designed by Denny & Yvonne of Let’s do GOODS. The same number of socks will go to those who could really use them.

See for yourself what Let’s do GOODS initiates!

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